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USA Military Girls Nude Photos - Join The Army Now!

This could be the reason why so many people are signing up to join the Army. If this is the fun one can have in the military then why not.

However I think it is a marketing strategy to get more men to sign up for the army.


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Hugo Chavez - Simply Too Cool!

President Hugo Chavez

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has got to be one of the coolest leaders around these days. Perhaps the future will prove me wrong and he will somehow screw up and be part of some great scandal.

However for now, I honestly must say I admire him. Any leader of a country who drives a Volkswagen Beetle to a polling station to vote in an election is beyond words and I have great respect for him.

It shows most importantly his total respect for the people of his country in making a statement that he is not above his people but one of them.

Simply cool! Perhaps I should consider moving to Venezuela, the girls are cute too.

Link - Chavez wins re-election by wide margin


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This is not a Civil War, Read My Lips, Trust Me!

How would one define this latest event? It is too hilarious. One country the same people and they are killing each other while the world looks the other way and then the 'Fuckers' who said they were fixing it all, declares it is not a civil war. And this is just the latest report, the figures in the last 7 days are just ...

Wish You were Here ... Insurgents gun down 21 Shiites in Iraq


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Wee Shu Min (Wee Shu-min)

I had no idea that one person's post on a blog could stir so much controversy. 18 year old Wee Shu Min is daughter of MP Wee Siew Kim (Singapore). I don't see it as anything more than free speech, it is her opinion. From the little I know this is normal thinking from anyone and most people like to think of themselves as 'elite'.

What is even worse is that her story has caused such a saga, that her name is being used as viral marketing. Too funny.

Links - Please, get out of my elite uncaring face.

The Wee Shu-min Cyber-drama

Wee Shu Min - Viral Internet


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War and Embryonic Stem Cell Research, A Truth

Michael J. Fox

This is indeed absolute hypocrisy at its highest level. Why do our leaders, or perhaps I should state, your leaders as I have none, continue to deluge the public by constantly distracting them from the real and important issues with regards to democracy, freedom as they so often like to call it.

I in no way can possibly see the importance of why there should be any focus or debate on, or opposition to embryonic stem cell line research when essentially, at least one person per day is being murdered in Iraq, children across the world are dying from starvation, Tibetan refugees are being murdered, for the same reasons that pro-life activists endorse.

Isn't killing the same as murder? If I define it as such, then your leaders are all guilty of a crime, in aiding and abetting or an accessory.

They should be prosecuted and sentenced.

This is totally an ethical issue as maintained by groups opposed to embryonic stem cell line research. Pro-lifers, Christians and other idealistic self-righteous, concocted, spin-puffers, oppose embryonic stem cell research because it requires the destruction of human embryos. This political and ethical view endorses that 'all humans have the right to life, including fetuses and embryos'.

I would surmise this as another cowardly attempt, such as the fight against individuals who support abortion. If Pro-lifers are that much in support for the right to live, would it not be better to get your brothers and sisters who are being killed, murdered each day out of war zones by insisting that your leaders desist from allowing innocent men and women to give up there right to live?

In seeking to understand fully why embryonic stem cell line research is deemed to be unethical or wrong, one would have to find similarities with the actions, politics and or ethics of Wars.

From a religious point of view, the fifth rule of the Ten Commandments state, "Thou shall not kill". If this is the basis for which embryonic stem cell line research is opposed, why not also apply the same rule to that of War.

If it is not from a religious stance, then the other would be ethical and political. So if we were to totally exclude religion as a factor the ethical and political issue is what would derive the opposition of destroying a human life.

Therefore when armies are created for purposes of defense and offense and sending soldiers to kill/murder and be killed/murdered, is it not about taking the life of a human?
This carries two views which are in essence the same, sacrificing a human life and taking a human life. One being sacrificing the life of a human by sending him or her to war as your leaders claim in order to derive peace, defending freedom, justice and the other significances of establishing a stable civilization.
The other is, sending these soldiers to also take the life of another human. Is that life not as important too? Your leaders choose for you when life is important in order to further fortify their regimes of evil.

In making further comparison, when we sacrifice an embryo in order to aid mankind and civilization in the cure of diseases in the future, is it not the same premise that our leaders have used in their ongoing justification for wars such as the one being waged in Iraq, Afghanistan Israel and Palestine?

Funding for embryonic stem cell line research is appalling and un-ethical. However funding for soldiers to go to war and specifically Iraq to destroy, kill, murder and annihilate human lives is justified as ethical, because we are creating a better future for our children, society, a peace and that entire fandango.

That is what is being done with stem cell line research, the sacrificing of a life to create a better future, cures for disease.

Aren't both activities the same? Both result in killing, taking a human life and the destruction of a human life.

There is only point and one side with regards to this, both actions are the same.

In this if anyone can convince me of when it is 'ethical' to kill, destroy or sacrifice a human life then I would gladly vote for him or her as my leader.

Interesting reading -
“Ethical” Embryonic Stem Cell Research? by Daniel McConchie


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Nice Commentary


I am indeed in need of therapy and since I haven't enough money for the sessions this is my only way of purging those demons that continue to play havoc with my fragile soul.




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