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The Ministry Of Noodles


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Untwisted Vortex


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Cool Reddit Hidden Hacks

I actually Like Reddit a lot and it is one of my favourite social bookmarking web sites, as it is fast and clean and I get to access my bookmarks when I am on the road or away from the office. Although it gets cluttered with a lot of crap sometimes staying at the top for days.

However there are 'hidden' submissions that don't ever get viewed and you would have to go probably 30 pages deep to see these very interesting submissions by other users.

When one logs in to Reddit you can view submissions by browsing or using the Ups link.

However there is no link for stories that are voted down and thus gets loss.

This is not much of a hack and I have no idea if Reddit will allow this code to continue working but for now you can view the latest submissions that have been voted down by simply using the link below.

As of writing I decided to replace the keyword to the link with reports. It displays all the submissions that have been recently reported.

I hope the gangs out there don't use this in a malicious way to keep down voting stories they don't like.

Post your comments and let me know if you don't get the same results as I do.



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Make Microsoft Windows XP Permanently Genuine In 5 Minutes With 4 Easy Steps

I am only posting this as a guide for persons who have an OEM version
of Windows XP Professional that came with their PC, and don't have a
copy of the CD, lost the CD or their serial Number has been compromised, and Microsoft Genuine Advantage website reports it as not genuine.

This happens in many cases where generic PC manufacturers use
volume licenses for the Windows XP version they install on the
PC or use the same Installation on multiple PCs they sell to you.

I am in no way sanctioning piracy of software.
Also as the old disclaimer goes, this is strictly for educational purposes only and I am in no way responsible for how any individual or group uses this information.

The process takes only about 5 minutes excluding download time for the software.

1. Download MGADiag.exe from Microsoft's website for the main purpose of testing after all the steps that your copy of Windows XP is genuine.

2. Download WGAPluginInstall.exe form Microsoft's web site

3. Make sure that after installation you delete or rename the data.dat file in the Windows Genuine Advantage folder.
You can find the file in the location C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Windows Genuine Advantage\data where C: is drive of the Windows XP installation.

4. Next go to C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ directory, and you will find the 'hosts' file, open it using Notepad or any other text editor and add the line below to the end of the file.

5. Run MGAdiag.exe to see if your copy of Windows XP is now genuine.

*Please Note I have only tested this on Windows XP Professional with
Service Pack 2 installed.

If the above steps fail to work you may post your questions here.


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Very Wrong, Only 17, not "50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006"

Beauty = Design + Functionality + Usability + Accessibility.

If one designs something, shouldn’t it remain as is even under different environments?

Thus I decided I would review and briefly critique the “50 Beautiful CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006″ according to Smashing Magazine.

It turns out that there are only 17 web sites that can be classified as such and are perfect in being web standards compliant also. My criteria in judging was based on the fact of the websites both looking and functioning the same way in Internet Explorer 6, and Firefox 2.0 and also their CSS markup being valid.

One thing I noticed however that was common among the web sites that broke badly in Firefox 2.0 and IE6 is that they all claimed to be ‘experts’ and ’standards compliant’.

I simply can’t believe that companies actually hire these guys to do any web development for them.

I have provided 130 screen shots demonstrating how badly the designs break.

A long time ago in the early days of the Internet I came up with a simple and easy way to test how the websites I was designing for clients would look at different resolutions on different monitors, without having to have several monitors set at different resolutions.
So what I did was to simply resize the browsers (IE, Netscape at the time) to a width of 640x480 or 800X600 (since I designed and programmed at 1024X728). This was replicated perfectly how the site would look when resized.

Just a tip though, when designing always use the the maximum of 768px420p viewing area.

These websites are perfect as no design element was lost in both FF2.0 and IE6. They looked and fucntioned the same way, no margin movement etc.

17 beautiful css based web designs in 2006

The “33 Ugly CSS-Based Web-Designs in 2006″

I had planned on first reviewing Smashing Magazine’s website. However I could not resist in actually going over to Jakob Nielsen’s web site before. It is darn ugly I must add, but my reason for doing so is that he is widely known for his standard compliant diatribes and his writings on web design mistakes. Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design.

Even more hilarious is that he seems to think that graphics on a web page is what design is about, which actually contradicts his arguments on design mistakes. Jakob Neilsen says,

“I am not a visual designer, so my graphics would look crummy anyway. Since this website is created by myself (and not by a multidisciplinary team as I always recommend for large sites) I didn’t want to spend money to hire an artist".

I can’t seem to follow his stream of thought.

He comes up with these excuses and then writes crap like the
Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design and it has nothing to do with visual design other than Usability.

For me web design encompasses the entire spectrum of the web, meaning usability, beauty, functionality, standards compliant et al.

I will not go into a rant at this point and will expound on this topic in my upcoming articles, Liquid CSS VS. Good old HTML Structure, User Customization & Good GUI design.

So lets begin the show and see if you can identify where these designs break.

Smashing Magazine
Not a bad web site at all but they did not pass. Some minor errors in both FF2.0 and IE6.

They say,
“we smash you with the information which will make your life easier. really”

Smashing Magazine

View Smashing Magazine screen shots

Why Would I trust this company and spend $15 a month on their services when their web site doesn’t even work?

They say,
“Joyent offers simple, powerful, web-based software that provides small teams with email, calendars, contacts, and shared applications.

Nothing to install, nothing to configure, and no need for computer staff or consultants. Just connect over the web and your Joyent software is ready to use. Our hosted plans start at just $15/month.”


View Joyent screen shots

Have A Mint
The design is cool but breaks when resized, meaning the design element is lost via the margins. The reason I included it.

View Have a Mint screen shots

I had lots of fun with this website and seeing what happens upon resizing. Everything just breaks.

Experts, experts, everyone is an expert, if so test your darn web site in different browsers before launching or going live. They claim they “know the web damned well” so why?

They say,
“Vivabit brings events and the web together. We organise web design conferences, in the guise of @media and we produce Event Wax, a web-based administration tool for event organisers.

Started by renowned experts, Vivabit began life as a web development consultancy with a focus on best practices and the cutting edge. …and expertise hasn’t gone anywhere.

We know the web damned well. It’s just that we started nailing events, too. It’s become a bit of a ménage à trois thing, only without the guilt.”

View Vivabit screen shots

I did not have fun at all with this website and the web site even crashed IE6. It took 5 minutes to load and in FF2.0 There is no ability to scroll at all when resized. They loaded a .wav file in the background. Do designers, programmers or coders still do that, I thought that only happened back in 1995?

This one simply pissed me off.

View Foxie screen shots

Cameron Moll
He could have passed but his web site doesn’t work in FF2.0, but does great in IE6. He is the same person that designed the website.

They say,
“…is a graphic designer with proficiency in website interface layout, UI design, XHTML, CSS, typography, the mobile web, and traditional print design.”

View Cameron Moll screen shots

Komodo Media
The motif plant thing does not stay put and messes up the design in FF2.0, it works with just a minor flaw in IE6.

They say,
“… I build functional,standards-compliant, and aesthetically rich sites, while specializing in illustration, new javascript such as Ajax, CSS based table-less sites, PHP scripting and identity design.

I build successful web applications that work - projects that both my clients and I can be proud of. …I am commited to quality and excellence in everything I do.”

View Komodo Media screen shots

Bartelme Design
Had a little fun with this one too, but I need not comment further as it is a disaster in both FF2.0 and IE6.

They say,
“… Our focus is on creating standards compliant web sites and professional icons for your web site or application.”

View Bartelme screen shots

What can I say other than it breaks in FF2.0 and doesn’t show up in IE6 at all, basical due to the frameset code which is so wrong. The site was designed by

Using again the words ’standard-compliant’.

They say
“…focusing on web and graphic design.

Websites: I design clean, engaging and standard-compliant websites with a strong focus on ergonomy and user-friendly navigation. All my websites are XHTML/CSS COMPLIANT and built to be efficiently managable.”

View Quaotuour screen shots

Online Center
Breaks badly in FF2.0 and IE6 with navigation and non-rendered graphics in the footer.

View Online Center screen shots
Breaks in FF2.0, very Funny, works a little in IE6. The content breaks in the left column in FF2.0.

View Zero screen shots

Breaks in FF2.0 with rendering of layers, but works in IE6.0, with minor left and right margin issues.

View Rikcat screen shots

Works in FF2.0 AND IE6, but with minor margin problems that kill the design, so I included it.

View Rudeworks screen shots

Minor stuff but view the screen shots.

They say,
“A beautiful website must also be usable. Intuitive layout of both design elements and navigation provides a memorable experience. Our approach to web design and our professional web design portfolio will show you a state of web design zen.”

View Obu Web screen shots

Another minor margin issue, that just throws of the design so I included it. did slideshow pro.

View Slideshowpro screen shots

Minor, the footer breaks in FF2.0 and IE6.

View Whitwa screen shots

This one was funny as hell, but read what he says. You don’t need to take down a web site because of spamming. Simply remove the contact form and comment forms, or remove the cgi script. The site has been down since October 2006.

They say,
“I’m not fond of websites that are ‘temporarily down’. Why take something down if something new isn’t ready to take it’s place? Yet, I felt I had to take my website down. Not because I am working on a new version, (I am though) but because it was being spammend beyond being managable. I had already taken my contact form down a while ago, after multiple days of 100+ spam e-mails.
As of lately, my comments forms are being spammed as well; there’s literally hundreds of spam comments on several posts.
Bart-Jan is partner & creative director at Project-8 V.O.F. and at The Talenteers L.S.”

View Subdued screen shots

Darta Design
These companies just … nuff said.

They say,
+ branding and design consultant
I designed my first site in 2001. I have worked for a number of new media agencies and online corporations.

+ senior programmer
Experience in software and web application development; Proficient in PHP, XHTML/CSS, JavaScript, XML; Development experience with mySQL, SQL server; Knowledge of Integration between Flash and PHP; Experience building highly interactive, database-driven web applications.”

View Darta Design screen shots
I liked the design. However it broke.

View screen shots

I had lots of fun with this one. Breaks in FF2.0 and IE6.0. You should visit this website after checking out the screen shots just to play with it. Darn, and hell he is booked out with work, what kind?

They say,
“We lovingly craft chic, supple, accessible web sites which achieve cheeky search engine positions. Use our experience to increase your profits using clever web alchemy.

I’m currently fully booked on web design consultancy work with
Clearleft, and am not taking on other work.”

View Nice Design screen shots

I do really like the visual design, however … It works in IE6, but breaks in FF2.0. Also the use of the word ‘experts’ again. Also part of Vivabit … nuff said.

They say,
“It’s the event of the year for anyone interested in learning about and discussing the latest approaches to web design with some of the world’s most highly respected experts.”

View Atmedia2006 screen shots

Susanne Paschke
A beautiful web site. What do I say? How do you get an entire website to have no scroll bars in FF2.0. She got some awesome programming skills to accomplish this. The site works in IE6.0 though which means no testing of the web site in other browsers again.

View Susanne Paschke screen shots

Beautiful web site it could have been, but yet again. Breaks in FF2.0, the same header problem.

They say,
” … freelance print and web designer based in the Philippines.

…produce beautiful and usable web goodness.
Organically grown using web standards and usability.
Guaranteed fresh and creative ideas”

View Pixeleden screen shots

I had lots of fun with this one in FF2.0 and IE6 too. Darn he is such a liar too, his domain ( was registered on 14 Aug 2000. Why lie? Anyway check out the screen shots, hilarious.

They say,
“I’m a 24 year-old web designer and Flash developer based in… I’m founder and creative director of GNV & Partners web design studio. is my personal blog and playground since 1999.

… AJ of Devlounge interviewed me about my background, design trends
in 2006 and my latest projects.

…see my interview among the others with some of the most influent designers in the world.”

View Jek2k screen shots

I agree the ‘goodness’ of deceit and non-compliance. Just check out the screen shots or visit the web site.

They say,
“We strive to create stunning, innovative design work, to build strong
client relationships and to spread the goodness.

We provide a range of web and graphic services….

On this site you will find details of the range of our services and work,”

View Good screen shots

CSS Vault
I do like the design and also their content, but the site broke.
Actually I would make it also a project to go through all the web sites they showcase but I don’t have the time.

They say,
“Instead of showing off great sites to everyone, let’s show off great sites that use CSS so we can inspire others to use the technology.”

View CSS Vault screen shots

Evan Eckard
Nice one, it was fun to view the web site in FF2.0. It had minor problems in IE6.

They say,
“I´m a creative professional… working in the internet and web industry. I have moved throughout the industry into many different corners of creative work.
Please check the about or portfolio sections of this site for further detail on skills and services I provide.”

View Evan Eckard screen shots

Wallop Creative
I added this web site to the list of bad because the right margin on resize which broke the design in view.

They say,
“Wallop is a creative studio specializing in multimedia design, including web sites and motion graphics.”

View Wallop Creative screen shots

Jeff Croft
Saved the best for last. I think is my favourite. It is a beautiful website visually but it doesn’t work with my other criteria for judging. I had loads of fun with this web site. Particularly because of the screwed up logo in IE6 and how badly it broke in both FF2.0 and IE6.

He has been working on the web since 1995 and worked at two universities, and he still he doesn’t care to test or debug his web site? Albeit it is his personal web site, I think he owes the community as a designer and it is his responsibility to set an example for younger designers.

They say,
“I am a web and graphic designer focused on web standards-based development. As the senior designer at …, I work on such award-winning standards-based sites as …

I have been working full-time on the web since 1995. I have worked at two major Universities in an effort to bring web standards to the education sector, and completed many freelance and contract jobs for varying clients.”

View Jeff Croft screen shots


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USA Military Girls Nude Photos - Join The Army Now!

This could be the reason why so many people are signing up to join the Army. If this is the fun one can have in the military then why not.

However I think it is a marketing strategy to get more men to sign up for the army.


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Merry Christmas!

It is 4:56 PM in the office on Christmas Eve working my ass of as usual.

This has been going on now for the last 7 years. Thought I would not still be in this situation after all this time. Topping it all I am working on Christmas day too.

Life Is Good!

Merry Christmas One and All!


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Microsoft Live Search Soft Porn Actress

I visited a Microsoft Live search website Ms. Dewey. It is a nice attempt at making searching for information more entertaining I guess.

She is really sexy too and does a pretty good acting job, she really has personality.

However I realised that the actress Microsoft used actually looked familiar to an actress I have seen in a movie before. I could not remember the name of the movie or the name of the actress so I did some searching.

Well her name is Janina Gavankar and she appeared in Barbershop 2 and also starred in a movie named 'Cup Of My Blood' in which she did some really raunchy sex scenes.

I am not debasing Janina Gavankar in anyway as I think she is indeed a good actress and the roles she chooses to play in these movies is of her own right.

My point with posting this however is that it makes no difference with all this nonsense with these companies with regards to values they claim to support and yet at the same time they endorse other values.

Simply hypocrisy again.

Download some movie clips from Cup Of Blood.

MS. DEWEY, reviewed by Cartoonist Jeff Swenson


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Hugo Chavez - Simply Too Cool!

President Hugo Chavez

Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez has got to be one of the coolest leaders around these days. Perhaps the future will prove me wrong and he will somehow screw up and be part of some great scandal.

However for now, I honestly must say I admire him. Any leader of a country who drives a Volkswagen Beetle to a polling station to vote in an election is beyond words and I have great respect for him.

It shows most importantly his total respect for the people of his country in making a statement that he is not above his people but one of them.

Simply cool! Perhaps I should consider moving to Venezuela, the girls are cute too.

Link - Chavez wins re-election by wide margin


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Happy Birthday Mommy!

I hope you never read this shit, but I know you would understand.
Fortunately I have the greatest mother in the world.

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